About Versatile Photography
Mike Gibson is a formally trained, versatile photographer. As a professional photographer for 35 years in the Central Florida area, he brings his unique knowledge and ability to each job he does, whether he's shooting a wedding, family portrait, architectural interior or Internet catalog product shots.

Versatile Photography is owned by Mike and Carol Gibson, who personally attend to the details of each job themselves. They believe that attention to detail and planning makes the difference between merely getting the picture, and the extraordinary success they're used to.

Please have a look at our web pages to get an idea of the range of services we offer, and a feeling for our extensive experience. If your event or project requires high quality photography, please contact us so we can discuss the details, and prepare a plan for photographic success.

About The Photographer
Mike Gibson received his A.A.S. Degree in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1979. In 1980, he landed a position as staff photographer for a medium size training and simulation company in Orlando, Florida. There, for over 18 years, he was given opportunities to practice a wide ranging set of photographic skills, in the lab and in the field, learning all the aspects of modern industrial photography. Working daily with engineers, programmers, artists, customers, management, manufacturing and others, in places as varied as Abu Dhabi and Switzerland, aircraft factories and hangars, tank plants and testing ranges, Mr. Gibson acquired a broad knowledge and versatility in his craft, leading to his present endeavors.

In 1999, Mike and his wife, Carol, formed their present company, Versatile Photography, so they could work together, providing their photographic services and products to Central Florida and beyond. Moving from industrial photography to their present emphasis on unique fine portraiture and journalistic event coverage was a natural progression. Photography of social celebrations such as weddings, reunions and corporate events accounts for the majority of their work. They also work with schools and churches in their area, providing portrait package photography of individuals and classes. Portraiture of babies, children and families provides special satisfaction -- More than anything else, capturing that perfect moment, and preserving it beautifully in photographs for their clients, is artistically and personally rewarding.